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British Phonographic Industry represents the UK’s recorded music industry, which is one of the most exciting and thriving music sectors in the world. British artists account for one in eight albums purchased by fans around the globe. BPI organises the BRIT Awards show and the Classic BRIT Awards show. BPI also maintains the industry standard for certifying Gold, Silver and Platinum sales awards.

The British Phonographic Industry hadn’t rebranded for the best part of four decades. My brief was a complex one where I aimed to reflect the BPI heritage and tradition on the one hand, but also project forward in a fresh and contemporary style in keeping with the record labels that we represent. Working closely with BPI a clean, simple, geometric logotype was chosen. The letters ‘b’ and ‘p’ are typographic representations of musical notes. The letters kiss to give a sense of togetherness and flow. It has an appearance of efficiency and forwardness which helped them express what their brand is all about going forward.

“It was suggested to us that we work with Mark given his experience with music and entertainment clients, and I have to say we were delighted with the creative, versatile solutions he proposed to achieve our objectives and which we adopted. Just as important, he was a real pleasure to work with.”

Gennaro Castaldo (Director of Communications)