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Lonsdale Capital Partners was set up in 2008 by Alan Dargan, Ross Finegan and David Gasparro. Alan and Ross had known each other professionally since 2000 and did their first deal together in April 2008. The idea behind the firm was to take the skills learnt over many years working in larger organisations and to apply them to the smaller end of the private equity market. The core aim is to have professionalism, experience and integrity at the heart of what we do. In total the team has worked on over 30 private equity deals since 1996.

LCP’s brand identity was a little underwhelming, dry, safe and lacked a sense of creativity and uniqueness. The Partners wanted more of an individual personality to set them apart from their competitors and breath new life into the companies online presence. The essence of LCP’s core business still had to be clearly portrayed but in a more refreshing approach. I created a new visual language by commissioning various illustrators to create bespoke pieces for each of LCP’s portfolio of clients. The logotype and symbol are clean, simple and comfortably sit with the illustrations.

"We are all delighted. Well run process and a really good outcome."

David Gasparro (Partner)