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Manor is a new fashion brand for men. Supported by a creative and innovative design team based in the heart of East London. Drawing off over 20 years experience in the fashion industry, Manor and its owners have pursued a journey driven by a passion for product, design and delivering premium innovative products.
They offer classic wardrobe essentials whilst combining new techniques resulting in understated modern collections. Their designers are constantly pushing the boundaries striving to create new looks but without abandoning the principles of good modern fashion design. Their approach is inventive, innovative & dynamic.

Manor appointed me to craft their new brand identity and launch the company to generate interest from potential customers. A simple, sophisticated logotype and mark were created with understated simplicity. The horizontal, graphic bar became the powerful distinguishing device to carry through the website, marketing and associated print collateral. Full art direction of the photo and video shoot were undertaken to capture the essence of the brand and its East London base. My vision was to create a clean, sharp, graphic, urban environment in which to shoot the clothing. I designed an elegantly simple, fully responsive website to showcase the new designs to full effect.